With over 20 years' experience designing bespoke, award winning learning solutions, Walkgrove is proud to offer this range of Ready to Go e-learning courses. On this portal, you can browse the topic titles and read a summary of their content. If you decide to buy, simply set up an account, select the topics you would like to study and start learning. The topics are delivered by default via Walkgrove's e-learning delivery platform, Svelte. After each topic is completed you will have the option to print or download a completion certificate.

Ready to Go fundamentals

The fundamentals range comprises short, multi-device ready e-learning topics which put the fun back into learning. The topics are designed to engage the learner and deliver learning which sticks.

Aimed primarily at junior or aspirational managers, each of the topics is designed to hit hard and fast. Core skills are stripped to the bone, allowing exploration of only the essential elements. In minutes learners will have acquired enough information to begin the transference of the skill into their workplace or home life. We are not claiming that Ready to go fundamentals will teach everything there is to know about a topic - but they will encourage the learner to learn about the basics and use this knowledge to start making a difference immediately.

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Ready to Go IT

Our library of interactive e-learning courses covers all the principal Microsoft Office Applications and also the Microsoft Windows Operating System. The most up-to-date MS Office 2010 Library of Courses consists of 298 lessons grouped into 15 courses. You can see the full list of courses here - and don't forget there are also some free courses here.

How to use this portal

The Ready to Go portal provides a quick and easy solution for individuals or organisations wishing to purchase and deliver one or more of our generic e-learning topics.

As an individual, simply register, browse the topics, click to buy, complete payment, and the course will be available to you immediately in My Courses.

As an organisation, you can register, purchase as many licences as required and then assign the topics purchased to your learners via their email address. Each learner will receive an email notification that they have been registered for a topic and on the first occasion they will be sent a separate registration email which will request them to activate their account. When the learner logs in, they can access all the topics assigned to them from My Courses. Each topic is launched via our SCORM compliant learning management system (LMS). The buying organisation's admin manager will have the rights to use the LMS reporting functionality to run completion and progression reports relating to its learners.

Branded portal

Talk to us about branding this portal and/or the topics to align to your branding.